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Associated Members

Full Members

  • Any person who demonstrates a continuous interest in cycling and desire to promote the sport of cycling, can join the Full Member by the recommendation from the Executive Committee.
  • Executive Committee Members of the Association can propose the recommendation in any Executive Committee meeting.
  • Membership period: From 1 September to 31 August in the subsequent year.
  • Full Members have the voting right in the General Meeting of the Association.
  • The initial membership fee of the Full Member is HK$500. Every subsequent year need to re-filling the application form for renewal, renewal fee $ 20 per person. If any Full Member have suspended his/her membership, it will be treated as new registration again.
  • Membership renewal: From 1 July to 30 November every year.


Honorary Members

  • Any person who rendered distinguished service to the Association or in the promotion of the sport of cycling, can be bestowed the honorary title by the Executive Committee.
  • Honorary Members included Honorary Life Presidents, Honorary Presidents, President and Vice-Presidents.
  • The membership of President and Vice-Presidents are renewed every 2 years from January in the first year to December in the second year.
  • President and Vice-Presidents are recommended by the Executive Committee and bestowed in Annual General Meeting every two years.