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Introduction :INVIS CYCLING was established in 2008, we provide wide range of cycling coaching and training from elementary level to professional level for Individual and Group customer.

Team Manager :Chan Ching Huen

E-mail :info@invis.hk

Website www.invis.hk

Tel :3543 0033 / 95075531 (whatsapp)

Fax :3543 0034

Hong Kong Bike Training Center

簡介 :Hong Kong Bike Training Center is organized by a group of enthusiastic Hong Kong Registered Cycling Coaches. The aim of our group is to promote cycling of different age with fun and safety!

領隊 :Yu Kwun Wah

電郵 :infohkbtc@gmail.com

XSpeed Sport Club

Introduction :本會為香港登記非牟利團體,主要提倡體育運動發展及推廣等活動(如單車及三項鐵人運動)。透過所辨之活動,增進交流,強化安全知識及運動技能,培訓有潛質之會員。

Team Manager :Yu Chun Li

Email :xspeedcycling@yahoo.com.hk

Website www.xspeedcycling.org.hk

Tel :90437117

Hong Kong Velo Sports Club

Team Manger :Lee Man Shing

Email :leemanshing@hkvelosports.com


Holiday Racing Cycling Club

Introduction :Holiday Racing Cycling Club is established for enthusiastic cyclists and serves to encourage and promote cycling through the spirits of dedictation, hard works, proper training group rides, teamwork and sportsmanship via participation in local and oversea events including trips and competitions.

Team Manager :Lam Yat Hang

Email :josechng@gmail.com

Appreciation & Determination Sports Club

Induction :本會提倡單車運動的普及發展,系統性地教授學員運動的知識及技巧,以欣賞'堅毅、向上的正面思維為核心。從而令學員明白運動的益處,面對困難與挑戰的信心,並鼓勵學員參與比賽及交流活動,從而激發潛能,突破界限。

Team Manager :Cheung Koon Hung

Email :adsportsclub.info@gmail.com

Tel :67686024

Sha Tin Sports Association Limited
Introduction :Sha Tin Sport Association aims to promote the sport of professional cycling in ShaTin, our goal is to improve the skills and personal attributes of our cycling team members through providing appropriate training, and thereby nurtures more outstanding cycling athletes.

Team Manager
Tang Wing Kei


Power Asia Cycling Team

Introduction :本會致力推廣單車活動和單車機訓練班,希望有效率提升本地業餘單車運動員能力。大多數隊員活躍於公路單車、場地單車為主。我們除了著重隊員能力之外,更著重他們自律、品行、自我檢討等操守。

Team Manager :Ma Ka Leung

Email :max.ma@powerasia.hk

OSSA Janiton Cycling Team

Introduction :本會致力推廣單車運動,積極參與,推廣友誼團隊精神及體育精神

Team Manager :Davian Cheung

Email :davian1222@yahoo.com.hk

Tel :29197081