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2020亞洲公路錦標賽 - 賽事取消通知

鑑於亞洲自行車聯盟來函通知,2020年亞洲公路錦標賽因疫情持續而宣佈取消,早前獲得參賽資格的元老組運動員將在取消。 而來屆賽事會方將須重新進行選拔,雖然暫時仍未知悉亞洲自行車聯盟來屆亞洲公路錦標賽的安排,但本會將重新挑選合適的本地賽事作來屆亞錦賽的選拔賽,本會將適時向各會員公佈選拔機制的安排。

如有疑問,歡迎致電2504 8184向本會查詢。



63rd FOS-HK Track Cycling Race Postponement

Dear Members,

In view of the latest arrangements for LCSD’s public services, block booking applications of sports facilities for the organization will be resumed from August. After liaised with LCSD and SF&OC, “The 63rd Festival of Sport-Hong Kong Track Cycling Race” will be postponed to 30 August (Sun). The enrolment deadline for the race will also be extended to 20 Aug (Thu).

Please refer to our website for event details. CAHK will keep in view the epidemic situation in a timely manner.

Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact us at 2504 8184.

The Cycling Association of Hong Kong, China Ltd.

24 June 2020

第63屆體育節全港場地單車賽 現已接受報名

Dear Members,

The 63rd Festival of Sport - Hong Kong Track Cycling Race is now open for application. The race will take place from 12 July 2020 at the Hong Kong Velodrome. Applicant must be a holder of a valid Hong Kong Velodrome Track Pass and a registered member of the Association who had paid the race insurance fee for the 2019-20 racing season.

For application details, please visit our website.

Should you have any enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us at 25048171.

The Cycling Association of Hong Kong, China Ltd.

12 June 2020

Arrangement of Hong Kong Mountain Bike Race Series 1 Downhill & Hong Kong Mountain Bike Race Series 2 Cross Country

To: All participants,

In view of the public health and anti-epidemic measures, the measure of prohibition of group gatherings with more than eight persons in public places will be extended to 18 June 2020 by the Government. Therefore, the mountain bike race Series 1 on 14th June 2020 will be cancelled.

For the mountain bike race series 2 Cross Country on 21st June 2020, the races may need to be postponed or cancelled as advised by the Hong Kong Police Force. Arrangement of this race will be announced shortly.

The Cycling Association of Hong Kong, China
3 June 2020

Arrangement of Hong Kong Mountain Bike Championships

To : All participants,

In light of the influence of COVID-19, UCI has suspended the Calendar registration until 1 July 2020, the result of the race held on 24 June & 21 June cannot be counted as the National Championships. In this connection, the race held on coming June will be changed to local race series.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

The Cycling Association of Hong Kong ,China
6th May 2020